If you don’t think you’re a sales person… think again.

It’s a common misconception that people that do all of the selling are the only sales people.

Everyone is in sales, regardless of their profession.

Even the best sales people can get better and high performing teams can sharpen their focus. A

regular sales checkup is critical to assessing and addressing the strengths, weaknesses and

opportunities of your sales efforts. Even though you have most likely been in sales for years, you have

probably neglected to improve your most important competitive sales weapon—you.

Meryl dives in to the sales strategy and techniques that will increase your margins and build client

loyalty. You will learn sales skills to apply some of the latest thinking and take sales performance to a

whole new level.

• Email to Conversation

• Selling Techniques That Will Bring in Sales Immediately

• Effectively Sell Benefits Over Features

• It’s NOT About Price

• Qualifying Questions That Will Close Clients